Hemp Oil & Coffee + Scrub Bundle

Hemp Oil & Coffee + Scrub Bundle

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- Meet Our Signature Blend

This full-spectrum hemp oil is packed with complete profile of terpenes, flavonoids & essential phytocannabinoids from fertile & volcanic soil in NSW, Australia.

Earth + Stone's hemp is paired with the finest and most pure organic grown hemp seed oil.


- Organic Hemp + Coffee Body Scrub 

Don’t allow this jar to fool you, it’s jammed packed with amazing minerals, antioxidants to support & hydrate your skin. Our coffee + scrub will hydrate, soften and give your skin a hit of antioxidants.

Organic coffee beans are known to increase blood flow helping to reduce stretch marks, cellulite and ageing. This little pick-me-up is packed with the goodness of organic coffee beans, MCT oil, hemp, jojoba oil and more luxe ingredients.


Earth + Stone's hemp is paired with the finest and most pure organic grown hemp seed oil.

NOTE: 100% Australian Grown. 100% Made. 100% Australian Ingredients.

VEGAN friendly. GLUTEN friendly. LOW THC. NO artificial colours or fragrances. ECO-friendly packaging. NO parabens or hidden nasties.

Australian Hemp (Cannabis Sativa)*

Sugar (raw)*, Coffee Bean*, Olive Oil*, MCT Oil*, Hemp, Jojoba*, Vitamin E, Myrrh, Frankincense*
*Indicates Certified Organic Ingredients

Shake bottle, squeeze the dropper to extract the oil into the dropper. Recommended Use 1-2ml daily (AM or PM is on personal preference).

Since coffee scrubs can get a bit messy, we recommend hopping into the shower to scrub down your skin. Wet your skin, then massage the coffee scrub over your body with gentle circular motions. Wait 3-5 minutes, so the caffeine has a chance to be absorbed into your skin through your hair follicles. That’s when the real luxe magic happens. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water before patting dry.

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