About Our Hemp

Hemp Oil To Rejuvenate The Essence You Need To Connect To A Cleaner You And The Environment

We make clean, nourishing hemp products that replenish your wellness & vitality so that you can show up every day as your best self.

“Your BODY. Your HOME. Your HEAVEN.”

What's the difference

Hemp vs Marijuana

Hemp and Marijuana plants have different properties. Even though they’re both of the same plant family - they are different varieties. 

Humans worldwide have made use of both plants for thousands of years. In the last century Cannabis sativa has acquired a poor reputations due to a specific cannabinoid (natural compound) - THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) know to cause intoxication. 

The tiny levels of THC in hemp are one crucial difference between the plants, and the oils produced from them. 

Our hemp contains well below the legal limit of THC, the psychoactive compound associated with mind altering experiences. 

Hemp is naturally low in THC (under 0.3%), so neither the plant nor the hemp oil can make you feel “high”. 

The compounds in hemp mimic the ones our body naturally produces via the “Endocannabinoid System”, which help optimise your: 

- Metabolism 

- Pain 

- Sleep 

- Mood 

- Movement 

- Digestion 

- Inflammation 

And so much more!

Discover the facts about hemp

Hemp is bursting with hundreds of natural compounds that are good for humans and the planet. Hemp has beneficial qualities that have been referenced throughout the ages in mainstream medicine and folk medicine as early as 2737BC. 

Hemp is self-sustaining and requires less water than other crops and absorbs significant quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

The hidden wonders of our hemp

Our hemp oil is derived from plants frown in the ancient, fertile, volcanic soil of Wollumbin (Mt. Warning), northern New South Wales, Australia.

Every product is made in small batches and carefully created from pure, fresh and natural 100% Australian ingredients. 

What’s unique about our hemp? 


Our hemp plants are lovingly grown in the ancient volcanic soil unique to Wollumbin (Mt Warning) in northern New South Wales. Volcanic ash (Tephra) is nature’s fertiliser - it’s packed full of nutrients. 

Over time, these have been released into the soil that now sustains and nourishes our organic hemp plants in the Northern Rivers. 


Thanks to ongoing scientific research, we know that hemp plants are packed with hundreds of natural compounds and plant versions of our bodies own Endo-cannabinoids. 

Form botanical versions of the body’s Endo-cannabinoids to terpenes, vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6 - many of the these compounds are considered to vital to sustain a healthy life. 

Some hemp oils contain an extraction of a single element or cannabinoid, such as CBD. Our hemp oil is produced with specifically designed equipment to allow the natural hemp plant infusion. 

The gentle process allows the transfer of 100% of the hemp plant’s botanical goodness into our hemp oil.